Sound of Sweden

Swedish and Scandinavian vocal music for any occasion

Our musical group has performed on numerous occasions and for many prominent audiences on the US East Coast. Based in New York City, we can accommodate any singing requests, in any setting from soloist with accompaniment, duo, trio, quartet, and octet, to full choir, a-cappella or with instrumental backing.

Our unique specialty is songs with a connection to Sweden, but we also have an extensive English and international repertoire. We sing at wedding ceremonies and wedding parties, midsummer-celebrations, private and corporate events, Saint Lucia celebrations, memorial services, kräftskiva/crayfish parties, official gatherings, Spring/ Valborg/ Walpurgis, and do sing-along and comedy routines, and provide emcee and toastmaster services in English and Swedish.

Please contact us for availability at any event where you want to add a touch of Swedish culture - the Sound of Sweden.

We are an independent singing group of professional and talented amateur musicians. Having a large pool of performers, we can often meet your requirements even on short notice. Sound of Sweden is not affiliated with any official or unofficial Swedish or American institution, church or business. Do you want to sing with us? Please contact us for the next opportunity to join Sound of Sweden! If you have pictures or video of us performing, PLEASE email and share!

Any questions or requests, please email and we will get back to you promptly

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Not what you were looking for? The Glasgow based musical blog Sounds of and the Sweden-based trio S.O.S have similar names but no connection to us.